ABB Extreme XXL

American Bodybuilding Extreme XXL is designed for the so-called ‘hard-gainers’ who find it difficult to achieve major muscle-mass gains with normal nutrition. The mabufacturer claims that the hardgainers they have talked to were ‘shocked when they were finally able to start gainng muscle fast’. In order to add muscle mass, you have to have the right mix of calories to activity ratio. American Bodybuilding Extreme XXL allows you to get the calories you need without the fat your not looking for at an affordable price.

Also, many weight gainers today don’t get many of their calories from protein. Extreme XXL contains over 40 grams of protein in each serving. And that’s not all, every great tasting Extreme shake has creatine, glutamine and 25 different vitamins and minerals. Get ready to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs add muscle.

How Does ABB Extreme XXL Work?

Amongst other ingredients in American Bobybuilding Extreme XXL there is protein, which has sparked the recent explosion of the whey proteinsupplement brand market and the accompanying propaganda hype about the ‘miracle’ effects of whey protein supplementation are just the industry picking up on what professional bodybuilders and athletes of all kinds have known for ages. Protein, such as the whey proteindelivered by American Bobybuilding Extreme XXL, is essential to muscle development. It’s as simple as that.

Protein levels in the body are depleted during workouts, and protein contains amino acids, both essential and non-essential, that fuel the rebuilding of muscle, and are a precursor necerassy for it. Whey protein happens to contain them at the right level for rapid intake and usage, increasing both hormonal and cellular response if taken right after a workout. It than helps build muscle, reduces muscle deterioration (preventing overtraining), and enhances endurance. The benefit of whey protein is that it contains branched-chain amino acids that are specific due to their ability to be metalbolised directly into the muscle instead of the liver like other amino acids, thus improving your bodybuilding or fitness training.

How To Take ABB Extreme XXL and ABB Extreme XXL Dosage and Administration

Mix four American Bodybuilding Extreme XXL rounded scoops with 16 oz of water, low fat milk, or your favorite beverage in a blender for 30-60 seconds. Consume between meals of immediately after training to boost your calorie intake.

ABB Extreme XXL Precautions and Contraindications

Do not overload on American Bodybuilding Extreme XXL, or any other form of fitness/bodybuilding products. While they might not be harmful by themselves, if they are not used in accordance with instructions and not accompanied with a regular excercise program, they may lead to unwanted weight gain. Supplemets do not build muscle – excercise does.