Lotion for Bald Head

Having a bald head can sometimes be problematic. When the scalp is exposed to harsh conditions, it begins to peel off or even flake. This arises from extreme dryness that leads to dandruff of the scalp. If you are suffering from such a condition, good shavers and most aftershaves will not help you. In order to keep your head perfectly elastic, healthy and moisturized, you need to have the best lotion for a bald head. This type of cream functions better than many other known aftershaves hence ensuring that your scalp survives the harsh environment.

Bald Head

Factors to Consider When

Out there in the market, you will find several products whose aim is to keep your bald head moisturized and healthy. Looking at the ingredients that make them and the purpose they serve. Most of them seem to be the same hence confusing you more. In order to get the type of lotion that will work well on your bald head, there are several factors that you are supposed to consider.

Type of Skin

The type of lotion that you choose should largely depend on your skin type.  If you have a dry scalp, the lotion should be heavy consistency and if your skin is oily, a light lotion would be the best for your bald head. As you choose the best product for your bald head, ensure that this product can easily be washed off and that it does not clog the pores on your scalp.


A bald head means that the head is exposed to all forms of weather including excessive sunlight. If you have a skin that is too sensitive to sunlight that it keep son getting sunburns or if you come from places where there is excessive sunlight, it would be a little bit easier for you to wear a sunscreen lotion. The lotion for baldhead serves all these purposes. You do not have to spend a lot on buying some lotion for a bald head and best sunscreen for a bald head. (more…)

Top Vitamins for Nail Growth


Vitamin A

Vitamin A will increase our strength of bones, tissues, and teeth. It’s a good sustenance for growing the nails. In addition, the Vitamin A is an inhibitor. It will help us to stop injury caused by the free radicals that enter in our body. There area unit some people that may get a dose of vitamin A. You have got to hunt medical facilitate once you expertise disgorgement and nausea when taking an excessive amount of of those foods.

Vitamin C

This is best vitamins for nail growth. Vitamin C is thought for its sturdy anti-oxidant properties. It will stop the negative effects of free radicals in our body. It’s a useful nutrition for body recovery, however, except for these, the water soluble vitamin is useful in achieving healthy growing nails.

When we lack water soluble vitamin, we may expertise fatigue, rough skin, loss of weight, long term in the healing wound, curled hair, secondary infections, and brittle our nails.

Our body wants outside sources of the vitamin c, ascorbic acid, water soluble nutrition and antioxidant since our body doesn’t manufacture this vitamin. Berries, tomatoes, oranges, watermelon, and papaya measures our wealthy sources of the water soluble vitamins. The utmost dose of the water soluble vitamin ought to solely can be 2000 miligrams. (more…)

Do Bearded Dragons Need Heat At Night Time?

Question: “I just got a bearded dragon for a pet. He is one year old. I have a heat lamp on during the day, but I’m wondering if I need to run it at night also. Does a bearded dragon need heat at night?”

When we talk about pets, the usual animals that will come to mind are cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits, turtles, and hamsters. But it will be quite interesting to know that even a usual reptile called a bearded dragon is also now a household name. There are some good reasons for that. Bearded dragons or beardies are quite docile and easy going. They are also quite interesting to observe. They have specific traits that differentiate them from other reptiles. For instance, though they can run for up to nine miles per hour, they are normally quite sedentary. They are also quite easy to care for. As long as you provide proper husbandry, you won’t be having any problems with them.

One of the things necessary for a bearded dragon to stay healthy is heat and light that it needs to do regular body functions such as synthesizing foods. These docile reptiles bask in the sun for hours in the deserts of Australia, their original habitat. Once they are moved to their new housing, they would need the same temperature to maintain their regular body functions. If not, they may develop several health issues such as the metabolic bone disease. They may also develop a condition of the oral cavity known as mouth rot. These conditions may get worse and may even the early death of your dear beardie.

Heat and light: essential bearded dragon housing accessories

To endure proper husbandry, dragon keepers install the right heat and uvb lighting sources when setting up their beardie’s tank. Everything from the casing structure (adequate space, tight-fitting lids, substrate, landscaping, etc.) as well as the temperature settings and accessories needed to provide adequate heat when needed (primary heat source such as a heating pad, ceramic infrared heat emitters, as well as secondary heat sources like incandescent bulbs). If not, your cold-blooded pet beardie may not be able to properly digest the food that it eats. The dragon may get sick if this continues. (more…)

Bearded Dragon Care Guide

Learning to care for your pet dragon is crucial if you want to keep a healthy bearded dragon for a pet. This animal is generally mild-tempered and does not usually cause any trouble at all. Once you have mastered its needs as well as fully understands what the changes in its behavior mean, you will not need to worry if ever your dragon displays any unusual behavior. By then you already know what to do with your beardie.

Finding out more about how to care for your dragon could be one of the reasons that you landed on this page. We hope you will find the details here quite helpful. We provide general leopard gecko care details for starting leopard gecko hobbyists. Note, however, that this care guide may also be used for African fat-tail geckos. African fat tails have the same care and breeding requirements as that of leopard reptiles.

How much do you need as start-up cost?

Most of the cost that you will need in caring for your bearded dragon will be that for its start-up cost. This will include the cost in building your pet’s enclosure (also called a terrarium or a vivarium), buying the essential equipment to house a bearded dragon properly, as well as the actual purchase cost of your pet. The maintenance cost will only include purchasing live feeders and other food items for your pet, as well as items needed for the regular upkeep of the enclosure and your pet.

Tip: It’s best to purchase individually the items that you will need to build your pet’s enclosure. There’s a good reason for this. There are many starter kits that do not really include everything that you will need for the best habitat for your pet. Many of these kits come with basking lights but without an under tank heating pad. There are also kits that many come with just one hide. Most of these kits come with stick -on thermometers that monitor the air temperature rather than the floor temperature. If you buy the items that you need for the enclosure, you get to choose what you think will best suit your preference as well. (more…)