SportPharma Pepti-Lean

SportPharma Pepti-Lean enables your body to block the formation of new fat and dismantle existing body fat. The bioactively charged oligopeptides in SportPharma Pepti-Lean target the body’s fat-forming metabolic pathways. This highly precise and controlled process interferes with the digestion of fat, inhibits the absorption of fat, and speeds fat catabolism.

Pepti-Lean Attacks Fat Directly at the “Fat-Formation Points”

How does the food – and fat – you eat become body fat? Inside your body there are a number of fat-formation points. SportPharma Pepti-Lean is aimed at disrupting each one of those points.

Pepti-Lean, in the words of the manufacturer SportPharma, sits in the blood and ambushes lipids from all sources. It binds to fat molecules, renedering them unabsorbable – making the fat simply pass through your body.

Pepti-Lean manufacturer quotes the followin benefits:

  1. Disrupts digestion of dietary fat
  2. Prevents fat absorption up to 40%
  3. Inhibits serum triglycerides
  4. Reduces fatty acid formation in liver
  5. Increases oxidation of fatty acids
  6. Obstructs carbohydrate-to-fat conversion
  7. Interferes with fatty acid synthesis

How Does SportPharma Pepti-Lean Work?

Pepti-Lean is stimulant free, which means no ephedra or other CNS stimulants. Pepti-Lean belongs to the protein group, and is composed of small protein fragments known as peptides. Its “4-amino chain” length makes it an oligopeptide.

According to the manufacturer, Pepti-Lean not only helps prevent the formation of new fat, it helps to systematically dismantle existing body fat. As diatary fat is eliminated by it, your body searches for an alternative energy source. Your body then targets your stored body fat and burns it as fuel, and this should start giving you more muscular definition.

Carbs are necessary for both energy and muscle gain. But excess carbs can easily become unwanted body fat. Pepti-Lean helps obstruct the carb-to-fat conversion process, by splitting excess carbs into water, CO2, and ATP.

The manufacturer, SportPharma, also claims that Pepti-Lean functions as an energy booster, and that you should start soon noticing a difference during workouts.

How To Take SportPharma Pepti-Lean and SportPharma Pepti-Lean Dosage and Administration

As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 SportPharma Pepti-Lean capsules with 8-10 ounces of liquid two or three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

SportPharma Pepti-Lean Precautions and Contraindications

The peptides in SportPharma Pepti-Lean are formed by breaking down, or digestion, of larger protein molecules of plant or animal origin. Pepti-Lean is safe, natural and stimulant free. Studies that have been performed on Pepti-Lean for over 3 months showed no adverse side effects in any of the test subjects.