Top Vitamins for Nail Growth


Vitamin A

Vitamin A will increase our strength of bones, tissues, and teeth. It’s a good sustenance for growing the nails. In addition, the Vitamin A is an inhibitor. It will help us to stop injury caused by the free radicals that enter in our body. There area unit some people that may get a dose of vitamin A. You have got to hunt medical facilitate once you expertise disgorgement and nausea when taking an excessive amount of of those foods.

Vitamin C

This is best vitamins for nail growth. Vitamin C is thought for its sturdy anti-oxidant properties. It will stop the negative effects of free radicals in our body. It’s a useful nutrition for body recovery, however, except for these, the water soluble vitamin is useful in achieving healthy growing nails.

When we lack water soluble vitamin, we may expertise fatigue, rough skin, loss of weight, long term in the healing wound, curled hair, secondary infections, and brittle our nails.

Our body wants outside sources of the vitamin c, ascorbic acid, water soluble nutrition and antioxidant since our body doesn’t manufacture this vitamin. Berries, tomatoes, oranges, watermelon, and papaya measures our wealthy sources of the water soluble vitamins. The utmost dose of the water soluble vitamin ought to solely can be 2000 miligrams.


Stress contributes to poor nail growth. Magnesium is the natural and best-known anti-stress mineral. Those unsightly nail ridges are caused by the poor diet of ours and stress will disappear with the help of the magnesium. Poor nail growth is a sign that you have to improve your magnesium intake. Along with other vitamins and minerals, a lack of magnesium is shown in a retarded growth of our finger nails.

Some of the delicious foods are great sources of magnesium. Pumpkin seeds are one of the most common sources of the magnesium followed by the dark chocolate. You can enjoy those sweet and yummy foods while consuming the magnesium in it for the healthy and long growing of our nails.

 Omega 3 Fatty

If you prefer applying oil to your body, why not ingest some omega 3s? Omega 3 fatty acid area unit ideal minerals for our soft skin and for our glossy hair and for our nails of course. Just simply because it’s one in all those fats it doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous for us.

Fishes like salmons, tuna’s, mackerel’s, and sardines area unit are wealthy in omega 3s. There is also an area unit such as foodstuff things that are fortified with omega 3 fatty acid. If you don’t feel shady, you will eat a lot of the flaxseed, walnuts, and even eggs just to urge your daily omega 3 fatty acid.